Customization      Overview


There are many possibilities in CAD systems to add own functions. Especially in the beginning of the CAD era these possibilities were used by many companies. Bigger companies are still doing it. The reason is often to reduce the amount of routine work and to secure the quality of the CAD models. Automatic design is faster, the right construction rules will be used, etc. Saab Aircraft had many customization (application) programmers some years ago, and the experiences from this company will be presented.


A  Feature (History) Tree for a solid defines in what steps a product was defined. An object, including the input data (position and dimensions) is added to the Tree when a Feature like a hole, fillet, pocket, etc is made. The user can change the position or the dimensions for any Feature and re-generate the solid.

The Feature Tree is an example of a Generic Model. There were and there are CAD systems that are based on Generic Models that not are limited to geometry. Also analysis objects and conditional objects can be added and the Tree may have branches. And these Generic Models can be saved and re-used, i.e. the customization is made with Generic Models.


 Generic Model Example