Seminars     Overview


Today’s Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems are very powerful graphical systems. They can fully define the geometry of products. CAD models can be used in the downstream process as input to NC, Measurement and Simulation systems. But the CAD systems will and must be further developed:


  • There are problems with the exchange of CAD data between systems.
  • Data other than geometry need to be added to the CAD models.
  • The menus and dialogs of CAD systems are in general of a very high quality, and the input of data is very intuitive. But such interactive functions are manual functions. Routine work and risks for mistakes that can be very expensive!
  • There are some CAD systems that have special modules for the definition of high-quality free-form surfaces, but it is still a very difficult and demanding task to define such surfaces. Optimization techniques should be used more and/or new mathematics should be developed. 


The offered ViewsOnCAD seminars address these topics. These topics are not new! Many ideas have already been tested, research has been made in universities and there have been, and are systems that have another approach to what CAD should be like, i.e. in which direction CAD could develop. 


The seminars will be customized for the available time (2-8 hours) and for the expected audience. All seminars will give a deeper insight to CAD. Also from a technical and mathematical point of view, but that does not mean that for instance any special mathematical or programming knowledge is necessary. Everything will be described with simple words and pictures. If required though, more detailed and theoretical information can be presented. 


English will be used in the seminars, but German and Swedish are optional languages.